A funeral specialist with over 40 years’ experience

Funeral Service Types

We have over 40 years experience within the funeral industry and we specialise in the following funerals:

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Catholic Funeral Services

We can arrange the following services:

  • Full Catholic funeral service.
  • A traditional catholic requiem funeral mass in the nominated catholic church followed by a burial or cremation.
  • Traditional catholic prayer funeral services within a church, followed by a burial or cremation.
  • Full catholic funeral services with either a requiem mass or catholic prayer funeral service followed by a private burial or cremation.
    Full catholic graveside service at nominated cemetery.
  • Catholic service within the funeral home chapel or the cemetery chapel followed by a burial or cremation.
  • Full Requiem mass within the catholic crematorium at Rookwood Catholic Cemetery or other nominated funeral service.
  • We are specialists in Italian traditional catholic funeral services, Polish catholic funeral services, Hungarian, Irish, Ukrainian , Filipino, Portuguese, Spanish, Lebanese Catholic and Maronite Catholic. We cater to every nationalities’ customs. We help create a beautiful celebration of one’s life by making the traditional funeral.
  • Please note we are here to tailor each funeral service to the individual needs of the families and we take pride in helping families to honour and respect their loved one’s.
Anglican, Presbyterian, Church of England and Lutheran Funeral Services

We arrange traditional funeral services within a church or chapel followed by graveside or crematorium chapel.

We will book the church of your choice and arrange the reverend or minister and even an organist to make it a special funeral service.

We will make suggestions and guide you through to make sure all religious beliefs and traditions are satisfied.

Orthodox Funeral Services

At Jeffrey Bros funeral services, we conduct traditional orthodox funeral services for Greek, Macedonian, Serbian, Russian, Lebanese, Egyptian, Romanian Orthodox and Coptic Orthodox communities.

We make sure that all traditions and respect to the deceased family and the church are honoured at all times.

We arrange the booking of the church and also the booking of the cemetery of choice.

We make sure that the deceased is properly washed, dressed and prepared for the open coffin that is requested to be opened prior and during the funeral service. We also respect the families wishes if they request a closed casket.

We can arrange cars for the priest, extra cars for the family, all of the flowers and also catering and newspaper advertisements in papers of choice eg. The Helenic Herald, Vesti, etc

We arrange for the orthodox cross that is used in the church and carry in and out of the church for the funeral.

Buddhist Funeral Services

As a funeral service offering funerals in Sydney, we are proud to say that we specialise in traditional Buddhist funeral services.

We specialise in Thai Buddhist funeral ceremonies and we have been working with the Thai Buddhist community since 1984 when the first monk was here from Thailand.

We know the rituals and we go out of our way to accommodate the family and the monks to chant and pay tribute to their loved one.

We also have had a vast amount of experience within the Chinese and Vietnamese, Laos, Korean, Japanese and Malaysian Communities and have worked closely with the temples all over NSW and have prepared funeral services for these communities.

Hindu Funeral Services

We have a lot of experience with Hindu funeral services. We arrange the whole process and have been looking after the Indian and Sri Lankan communities for the past 35 years.

Pacific Islander Funeral Services

We also specialise in Samoan, Tongan, Nieu and Cook Islands funeral services.

Other Funeral Services

Sikism Funeral Services
Islamic Funeral Services
Bahien Funeral services
Chinese Funeral Services
Maori Funeral Services

Non-Religious Funeral Services

We pride ourselves in being able to cater to every funeral service that is required.

Call us and we will go above and beyond for your family in there time of need call us today 9798 9266.


We arrange to return loved ones to their origin of birth

We specialise in all destinations but have extensive experience in the following destinations:

Country Country Country
America Iraq Montenegro
England / UK Philippines Hong Kong
Dubai Vietnam Portugal
Croatia Netherlands Malta
Lebanon Greece India
New Zealand Turkey Sri Lanka
Tonga Spain Pakistan
Samoa Chile Nepal
Nieu Brazil Bangladesh
Cook Islands Columbia Canada
Iran Serbia Indonesia
Iran Serbia Indonesia
Iraq Italy Bosnia
Hungary Switzerland Germany
Russia Ukraine Cyprus
Macedonia Nigeria Kenya
South Africa Kuwait Estonia
Denmark Argentina Austria

If not listed we will endeavour to return your loved one home and will do our best in the quickest time possible, subject to consular approval.

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