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Extra Services

Listed below are some of the extra services that we provide to personalise the funeral service for your loved one.

We can arrange to have many musical styles at the service, including an organist, a soloist, sopranos, singers, guitarists, violinists, bagpipers, buglers, trumpeters and bands. We will endeavour to source any other musical requests that you may have.

Some of the special touches we supply are: balloons; bird or butterfly releases; flowers; memorial brochures; mass books/order of service; DVD presentations; Power Point presentations; memorial candles with a photo of the deceased; video recording; memorial services and scattering of the ashes.

Wakes – we can provide details of venues and caterers for a wake after
the service.

Although not essential, a eulogy is an important part of making a funeral service personal and a celebration of our dear loved ones life. Maybe you can write a eulogy, but it may be too difficult for yourself or your family to read it at the service. The minister, clergy or celebrant can read it on your behalf or you can even just have it printed in the memorial brochure.

So where do you start? Here is a guide to help you put together a eulogy. Please note that this is to be used as a guide only. You can write it any way you wish, as it is a personal piece that you put together for your loved one.

Good morning. As the eldest granddaughter of Jenny, I would like to share a brief story about my dearly loved Grandma’s life.

Jennifer McQuillan was born Jennifer Macdonald on 25th December, 1920, in Yorkshire, England. Her parents were Florence and Henry Macdonald. She lived a privileged and happy childhood and was very spoilt, being the youngest of 10 children.

At 16 years of age she joined The British Army as a signal operator. She received two medals for her service. Once she left the army, she was sent to Australia for 2 years to serve as a nurses aid. She first went to Melbourne and later moved to Sydney, where she worked at Waterfall Hospital, where she met a very handsome patient named George McQuillan. She fell madly in love with George, whom she later married. He was quite ill and they said he had only months to live. With her love, dedication and care they had four beautiful children, and George lived a further 25 years. Grandma proved the medical profession wrong.

She had a hard life and money was tight, with four children and a sick husband to care for. She purchased a family home in Newtown. She was a very proud woman and made sure that her family had a good life and that there was always food on the table.

She grew her own vegetables, baked her own cakes, and her neighbours in Newtown still talk about them. She was excellent with her hands and made all the clothes for the family. They were always the best dressed.

She loved to dance and entertaining was one of her favourite past times, even though she had to spend tireless hours preparing the meals that everyone loved. Any time was a good time for a party.

She was a dedicated wife and mother, and she became the most fantastic, loving Grandma anyone could have wished for. I stand here today proud that she was my grandma. The advice, love and care she gave to me and all her other grandchildren will be cherished forever.

All the memories of our trips to Manly by ferry, Grandma would pack the best lunch and we always g0t a bag of lollies as a treat. She made our school holidays the best fun ever. We would sing, dance, dress in her clothes and make a mess. She never got angry with us even though we were cheeky. She would just give us that look and we knew that if we did it again, there would be trouble.

Thank you Grandma for all the treasured memories that we will hold close to our hearts. Thank you for the strong woman that you were. You are an inspiration to us all and you will forever be in our memories and dreams.

God, we ask to keep her safe until we meet again.

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