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At Hospital


To describe what needs to be done we’ve set out a list of procedures for you to follow.

Once the attending doctor or medical staff at hospital satisfies the legalities regarding cause of death and identity of deceased, a medical certificate, Cause of Death Certificate, will be issued to you. The funeral director will meet with you and arrange for the deceased to be transported to the funeral home. See section below for procedure when medical staff are unable to immediately issue a death certificate.

We take all care to ensure family can accompany the deceased in the flight arrangements. It is our job to make sure that all documentation and consular acceptance of the deceased is received prior to departure.

We try to make the process as easy as possible for the family and to ensure that the loved one arrives in the best possible way.

You will need to decide, at this stage, whether burial or cremation is required. If burial is requested the funeral can be carried out within 48 hours after receipt of certificate. If cremation, the doctor will issue an Attending Practitioner’s Certificate. The funeral director will help you complete the two remaining forms required by law.

  1. Registration of death is required by the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Basic particulars need to be recorded on a form the funeral director will provide and help fill out.
  2. If cremation is to take place, the funeral director will help you complete an Application for Cremation. The funeral director will process all forms and documentation on your behalf.

You will need to discuss with the funeral director various arrangements concerning: Newspaper notices; Type of casket; Cemetery or crematorium; Clergy; Floral tributes; Cars; etc. To help you decide on what arrangements you want, a list of services is described on the Our Services and Extra Services pages.

Again, details can be discussed with the funeral director regarding the time of the funeral, viewings and services (as required). The exact time depends on cemetery or crematorium availability, but under normal conditions, the funeral can be scheduled within 48 hours.

Under certain circumstances the attending doctor may not issue a death certificate. The doctor may not have known or attended the deceased within the past six months or the exact cause of death may need to be reviewed. In this case, certification becomes a Coroner’s matter.

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