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Our roles as the funeral director is to provide the following services:

Our trained staff will organise to meet with the family and next of kin to advise the options that are available.

We arrange for collection of the deceased from place of death and arrange all necessary papers required for legal purposes. The deceased is transported by mortuary ambulance to our mortuary holding facility, where all necessary care and preparation will take place once it is established whether the deceased is to be buried, cremated or prepared for transportation to another state or country for burial or cremation.

Once it is established on the type of service that is required the appropriate bookings can be made.

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Do you want to have a religious service within a Church?

If so, the church can be booked at a time that is convenient for the priest, minister or pastor as well as the family.
All service details are to be discussed in further detail with the funeral director and clergy.

Do you want a service in the chapel at the cemetery or crematorium?

Most cemeteries provide chapel facilities. If not, a crematorium chapel can be used solely for the service and after the service the burial will then take place at the grave site within the adjoining cemetery grounds. This type of service is more suited to some families as there is only one destination for the family and mourners to attend.

If it is a cremation, then the service occurs in the chapel with the committal of the deceased all in the one place.

Do you want a service within our chapel?

You may want a service in our chapel but feel you do not wish to attend the cemetery or crematorium. If so, we can organise a service in our chapel and we will do a private cremation or burial on your behalf.

We embrace all nationalities, religions and faiths.

You may not want to attend at all.

Some families feel they do not have the strength to attend the funeral. If this is the case we will attend and conduct the funeral on your behalf.

Whatever your needs and wishes we are here to listen and advise you.

Do you want a viewing?

A viewing is an option only for families.

It is an opportunity to say goodbye or spend quality time with your loved one. For some this may help in the grieving process and in the case of an unexpected death, as painful as it may be, will give families some kind of closure.

Some families find this all too confronting and wish to remember their loved one as they were. You do not have to have a viewing if you do not want to.

Once all the above information has been established, we then proceed to discuss the other details. These include date, day and time of service, minister, clergy, celebrant, choice of caskets, floral arrangements, newspaper notices, music, eulogy, memorial brochures and memorial book.

As we do not want to overload you with unnecessary information, the above is only an outline of what you may need to think about. Our photo gallery has images of caskets and floral arrangements to give you an idea of what we offer.

We will guide you through everything and discuss the details when you are in our office. If you have a specific question please email or contact us.