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We are one of the very few independent, 100% Australian owned and family operated funeral services in Sydney and the Central Coast. We are proud to offer the traditional funeral service. We embrace all nationalities, religions and faiths.

By traditional, we mean a service in which the owner and the family themselves are involved. This is important, as unfortunately we now live in an impersonal society. On the occasion of a funeral, more than ever, personal attention and a need for care is more important than anything else.

At Jeffrey Bros Funeral Services we are there personally every step of the way to ensure that you are attended to. With our extensive experience within the funeral industry, we have always been innovative in the way we conduct services. We guarantee that special requirements will be carried out, as this is a very precious and comforting reassurance.

We embrace all nationalities, religions and faiths. We have over 35 years experience within the funeral industry and this helps us to understand and make your experience at this time the best it can be.

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Our purpose is to provide a funeral service of excellence to families from all walks of life.

We pride ourselves in providing multicultural funeral services, anticipating all cultural traditions with our 35 years experience.

We strive to give the best to our families in their time of need and to treat their loved ones with respect and dignity as if they are our own family.

Our Mission as a family, together with our staff, is to endeavour to make one of life’s hardest tasks that little bit easier.

We atrive to give 100% service at all times with care and love, because your family is our first priority.