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Jeffrey Ladies are a proud family-operated and 100% Australian owned Ladies Funeral Service, with the choice of traditional black or white funeral mourning vehicles. Our ladies are elegantly dressed in a blush-pink uniform or you may prefer traditional black uniforms.

Vanessa Jeffrey and her team of ladies have been providing an all ladies staffed funeral service since 1997. They offer a specialised funeral service, where Vanessa prides herself to be there with you every step of the way, from the first contact until the conclusion of the funeral service.

Jeffrey Ladies provides a close team of ladies that are family. Together, they each play an important role in ensuring that all the needs and requests of all family members are upheld.

The ladies pride themselves by being there for the family with a sincere and gentle approach. Everyone who has a role in the funeral arrangement has, as much as possible, a personal understanding and history of your loved one’s life ­ from the mortuary ambulance staff to our office administration and co-ordination team, mortuary preparation staff and funeral attendants.

Your loved one is not just a name or number to us. We have all had a personal dealing in the arrangement of the funeral service and, on the day of the service, Vanessa will personally introduce you to each Jeffrey Ladies family member of which you might have had contact leading up to the service.

We embrace all nationalities, religions and faiths. Together with you, we take pride in making the funeral service a unique celebration of your loved one’s life for those that are left behind.

At Jeffrey Bros Funeral Services we are there personally every step of the way to ensure that you are attended to. With our extensive experience within the funeral industry, we have always been innovative in the way we conduct services. We guarantee that special requirements will be carried out, as this is a very precious and comforting reassurance.

We embrace all nationalities, religions and faiths. We have over 35 years experience within the funeral industry and this helps us to understand and make your experience at this time the best it can be.

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Our purpose is to provide a funeral service of excellence to families from all walks of life.

We pride ourselves in providing multicultural funeral services, anticipating all cultural traditions with over thirty five years experience.

We strive to give the best to our families in their time of need and to treat their loved ones with respect and dignity
as if they are our own family.

Our Mission as a family, together with our staff, is to endeavour to make one of life’s hardest tasks that little bit easier.

You can trust us to give 100% service at all times with care and love, because your family is our first priority.